Clover Hill Primary School


Subject Overview

The 3 key drivers for our curriculum at Clover Hill are fully integrated within our Music curriculum.

Long Term Memory

Children acquire deeper musical knowledge by building on the skills they have already. They revisit key themes, terms, songs and vocabulary regularly to allow for consolidation and fluency to grow. Music and singing especially can be an important way of remembering many facts across the curriculum. Simple tunes help commit times table facts, order of planets etc to our long-term memory.

Enquiry Based Curriculum

Investigating the timeline of music over the generations throws up many questions which the children can explore. Children are encouraged to find out about important composers and the impact they have had on music today. Most lessons invite children to form opinions about the songs and tunes they listen to and answer questions relating to the 5 elements of music – melody, texture, rhythm, form, and harmony. We want children to understand that questioning and finding out for themselves leads to a deeper understanding and a greater enjoyment of the subject.

Real Life Relevance

Music runs through all of our lives and everyone has a favourite artiste or performer. Children need to see the link between learning about musical themes and acquiring new skills in the classroom and where this might take them in later life. Taking up opportunities on offer to learn how to play an instrument or being part of a choir can lead to a more fulfilling adult life or offer a way to relax and unwind which keeps mental health strong.


  • We want our children at Clover Hill to:
  • Have the opportunity to develop a love and enjoyment of music.
  • Foster an appreciation of a wide variety of music genres.
  • Experience a range of music from across periods in history.
  • Have the opportunity to play an instrument and continue with this so a high     standard can be reached.
  • Have the opportunity to perform musical pieces, whether singing or instrumental, to an audience.
  • Have good quality music experiences as a way of enriching the curriculum.
  • Implementation

How music is taught at Clover Hill

Teachers use a variety of resources to plan their music lessons however our main scheme is Charanga. Lessons are taught on a weekly basis, though sometimes sessions can be blocked differently to suit the needs of the class or curriculum focus.

Listening music accompanies all assemblies. During this time, children are given the opportunity to listen to a range of music, from classical composers to reggae and pop. Composers are also introduced to our children so names and music styles can be matched and recognised. Singing is high profile in Clover Hill with many opportunities organised for children to enjoy learning new songs and perform them to others. We take part in the annual Spring Sing and Big Sing events which are both held at a high profile venue, The Sage Gateshead. These are wonderful projects which are thoroughly enjoyed by all participants. We aim to include singing performances within each class assembly, which gives children the opportunity to perform in front of their families and friends. We also encourage musicians to share their performances, wherever possible. Some children, reaching a higher standard of playing, perform live music in our assembly hall at the start and end of the service.

We make provision for the children to experience good quality ‘Music Workshops’ which are delivered by the Gateshead Music Team of peripatetic teachers. They deliver workshops on a variety of themes, such as music through the decades, or music from around the world etc. These are always very well received by the children and are often turned into themed days, where we extend enrichment activities to follow up from the workshop across the whole day.

Children learn the basic rudiments of recorder playing in our year 3 year group. Children playing instruments are given the opportunity to perform to an audience wherever possible: within class assemblies, at the Christmas Carol service or within our summer concerts.


We have confident children who thrive on performing and sharing their musical talents with an audience. They understand the need to sing together and in tune and are capable of performing to a very high standard.

Across the school year, we share with our parents: class assemblies, KS1 perform a Christmas show, KS2 lead a Carol service in our local church and KS2 also perform a summer show or concert. Parents are always particularly appreciative and complementary towards the performances the children give.


All provision for pupils with SEND is in line with the school’s SEND Policy.

Equal Opportunities

At Clover Hill Primary School, the curriculum for Music will develop enjoyment of and commitment to stimulating the best possible progress and the highest attainment for all our pupils irrespective of social background, culture, race, gender, differences in ability and disabilities. All our pupils have a secured entitlement to participate in the Music Curriculum and our teaching approaches ensure the avoidance of stereotyping when planning work or organising groups. All the teaching staff agree that when using reference materials, they should reflect social and cultural diversity and provide positive images of race, gender and disability.

Curriculum Map