Clover Hill Primary School


Ofsted Inspection Report 

We were last inspected in November 2022.

We are delighted to be judged to be a Good School with 60% OUTSTANDING ELEMENTS – something which we are incredibly proud to have achieved.

During their two-day visit, inspectors made graded judgements on overall effectiveness in 5 key areas:

  • Quality of Education:                  Good
  • Behaviour and Attitudes:           Outstanding
  • Personal Development:              Outstanding
  • Leadership and Management:  Good
  • Early Years:                                   Outstanding

Inspectors talked to the headteachers, governors, staff and pupils and considered your views as a parent. They spent most of their time talking to subject leaders looking at the quality of education in the school and the impact of the curriculum.  They talked at length with pupils and observed lessons.

They also looked at the personal development, behaviour, attitudes and welfare of pupils at the school, the promotion of spiritual, moral, social and cultural development; and how well the school is led and managed.

Our ONLY area for development that OFSTED identified was actually something we had identified ourselves and were currently working on at the time of the inspection following our two curriculum INSET days in October.  This is now fully in place.

In some foundation subjects, the ways in which teachers check with precision exactly what pupils have remembered over time are still being developed.

Leaders should ensure that assessment in foundation subjects is closely matched to the curriculum.

Below are some of the highlights, but you can read the whole report by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

Personal Development: OUTSTANDING

Pupils who attend Clover Hill Community Primary School are confident, safe and happy. They enjoy coming to school. Leaders make sure that pupils are encouraged to ‘reach for the stars and shine ’every day.  Children are proud of their own successes.

There are positive relationships between staff and pupils. Pupils believe that they can achieve whatever they set their minds to. Leaders, too, have high expectations of what pupils can achieve.

Leaders have ensured that pupils are exceptionally well prepared to be positive citizens. Staff deliver clear messages about tolerance and respect. These messages are threaded through all aspects of school life. Pupils talk maturely about equality. They believe that everyone deserves to be treated fairly. They understand, and are ready to challenge, discrimination.

All pupils have a trusted adult in school.

Behaviour and Attitudes:  OUTSTANDING

There is an exceptionally strong sense of community in the school. Parents, staff and governors talk about being part of the ‘Clover Hill family’. This sense of community is most obvious in how pupils treat each other. Older pupils look after younger pupils during social times. Older pupils model positive behaviour and help younger children to cooperate and play together.  Pupils firmly believe that bullying does not happen here.

The behaviour of pupils is impeccable. They are motivated and engaged in lessons. They are courteous and respectful around the school.

Pupils across the school do not give up.  When children find things difficult, their peers are ready to support them.

Quality of Education:  GOOD

Leaders have designed an ambitious curriculum. They decided that pupils must be clear about how what they learn in the classroom will help them in life. Pupils understand how what they learn in mathematics and physical education (PE) could be helpful to them in the future.

Leaders ensure that reading is a high priority across the school. Adults read to pupils of all ages daily.

Leaders have ensured that staff are well trained in how to teach pupils to read effectively.

Teachers introduce new information clearly and have strong subject knowledge.

In core subjects, assessment is used effectively.


Children in the early years are exceptionally well prepared to move into Year1 through a carefully planned curriculum.

Leaders have considered effectively how best to support children’s language development.

Children in the early years get off to a flying start with phonics.

Leaders in the early years have robust systems in place to monitor how well children are learning the curriculum. They take action quickly to close gaps that children may have.

Leadership and Management:  GOOD

Governors are well informed, and closely involved in the life of the school. They challenge and support school leaders effectively.

Leaders have prioritised training and development for staff. Leaders have ensured that staff are well trained in how to keep pupils safe.

Parents appreciate the way that the headteachers are approachable and supportive.

All staff are proud to be members of the Clover Hill Primary School community.

We are absolutely delighted with our report and I hope you feel very proud of your involvement and input into making Clover Hill such a happy, safe and successful school. It was an intensive process conducted by 3 inspectors who saw for themselves the care and hard work that is invested day in day out at Clover Hill as well as the high-quality learning opportunities we offer all our children.  

We excel by having an exceptional staff team who work so hard, outstanding children, supportive families and authentic governors. We should never take any of this for granted and we should feel very lucky that we are all part of such a thriving and wonderful school. We will continue to work hard, accelerate and grow across the year as we never sit still and always want the best for all our children.

Louise C Hall & Ailsa Holden